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Coming Soon . . . The Flow Channel Podcast.



Here are some of the regular programs—topic themes—you’ll experience  with The Flow Channel's guests:

How does flow ensure that we grow? Why does the direction of our personal evolution matter? How does the design of our families, communities, and institutions help contribute to the positive evolution of culture—or its disintegration? How has Mike lived his own research? Find out in conversations with the Father of Flow himself.


Inside the Experience

For each of us there are thousands of opportunities to expand ourselves. Learn how to practice flow habits and build your capacity for flow from interesting people who have mastered fascinating things.


Flow for Good

Find inspiration and blueprints for action in conversations with people who discovered what Mike has always argued: Consuming culture is never as rewarding and exhilarating as creating or transforming it.


Flow Kids

Children are natural, 24/7 flow finders—until they adapt to the constraints of institutions that tell them that learning is dull and hard. Let the kids show you how to transform challenges, including boredom and fear, into intense concentration and fun; learn how to nurture flow habits that kids will never grow out of.


Flow at Work

Are work and flow compatible? They can be when work is designed to deeply engage people's strengths. The Flow Channel is exploring epidemic workplace disengagement and dissatisfaction while finding organizations making work engaging and meaningful. The Flow Channel is the place to find practical models for designing personal career paths and corporate cultures for optimal experience.

A few of our upcoming guest include . . .


John Hunter     Founder of The World Peace Game, author of World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements

Chris Runco     Disney Imagineer

Cal Newport     Author of bestsellers Deep Work and Digital Minimalism

Zsadany (Zad) Vecesy     Developer of the Award-Winning Interactive Serious Game FLIGBY (Flow is Good Business), Budapest


Frans Ørsted Andersen     Flow Researcher, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, M.D.     OB-Gyn & Integrative Medicine physician, author of The Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to Forest Bathing

Jef van den Hout     Founder of Flow Concepts, Team Flow Researcher, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Grant Faulkner     Executive Director of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month

Jax Pax     Author of The Artist's State of Mind: A Guide to Accessing the Flow State Through Your Chosen Craft


Noa Kageyama     Faculty at The Julliard School, performance psychologist at

Jon Bakehouse    5th Generation American Farmer on Flow in Farming

Doug Shaw     Improv Artist, Author of Social Nonsense: Creative Diversions for Two or More Players


Mary McInnis     Human Factors Researcher, Well-Being Program Director, High-Intensity Athlete

Jackson Twait     Competitor on NBC's American Ninja Warrior

Josie Lewis   Artist, Author, and Speaker with over 1 billion Internet video views at

John Miller    Chief Empowerment Officer at

Kevin Boehnke     Composer of The Flow Channel's theme music; musician; dental student



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